Naples, NY Wedding: Taylor and Nick

Taylor and Nick celebrated their marriage in early September at Gannett Hill Park in Naples. For anyone who hasn’t been there, the views are just breathtaking- no matter which direction you face, you can see for miles. A gorgeous tree stands alone in the field as you look east toward Canandaigua Lake, and at the look out point (and ceremony location) you can see all the way up to Rochester if skies are clear. With the views, the woods, some beautiful trails, and ferns that grow as high as your waist, it was the perfect location for Taylor and Nick’s wedding.

These two had quite a few special things planned throughout the day. The first was their “first look” although what made it so special was they didn’t actually look. While Taylor finished getting ready, Trevor walked Nick out to the lone tree, which we’d all chosen together ahead of time. He turned his back as Taylor approached, and they stood back to back, holding hands and reading their wedding vows to one another. Their moment was so intimate (we photographed from far enough away that their vows will always be shared just by the two of them) and so powerful.

Taylor and Nick both have an incredibly close relationship with their friends and family. Brothers, sisters, and sister-in-laws made up the wedding party, and the ceremony was performed by one of their closest friends (Nick’s cousin, also named Nick). As Taylor and her father walked down the aisle, two of the friends she has known the longest each handed her a part of her bouquet. After saying their “I do’s”, Taylor and Nick exchanged very unique rings- very different from each other, but both with jade to unite them.

The rest of the day was a blur of excitement and celebration. Friends and family shared a hearty dinner, gathered for speeches and toasts, took to the dance floor, and stayed there all night. As anyone who knows them would expect, Taylor and Nick were out there dancing the night away themselves, making the most of every second of their day.

Hair and makeup by Jessica Black

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