Holly and AJ: Geneseo Engagement

Meeting up with Holly and AJ was SO much fun. It was our first in a series of trips to Geneseo (Larkin’s old stomping grounds), and we were excited to see the beauty of the campus through a photographic perspective (rather than the just-rolled-out-of-bed-trudging-up-a-hill-way-too-early perspective that most people who went there are probably familiar with). We had to dodge a few raindrops, but good old Genny did not disappoint! The fall colors were plentiful, the ivy growing thick on the buildings, and old architechture as charming as always. Holly and AJ were full of laughter and ideas (Holly even brought along an adorable 2018 planner and pumpkin for props!) and spending time with them just got us so excited to celebrate at their wedding next October! Congrats again on the engagement, you two!!

EngagementChelsea Cullen