Behind the Scenes: Adirondack High Peaks Backpacking Adventure


On Friday May 19th, Dane and I hopped into the car after work and traveled northeast towards Keene Valley, NY to hike a few famed Adirondack high peaks. The first evening we camped at Sharp Bridge Campground about 15-20 minutes south of The Mountaineer, our first stop in the morning to grab last minute supplies before living in the wilderness for 3 days. We stayed at site 30 that evening, and had the pleasant surprise of fully stocked firewood and hot showers in the morning!

The following morning we made our way to The Mountaineer, a one stop shop for anything you could imagine needing in the great outdoors. We started out from the Roostercomb Trailhead and hiked up to Valley View ledge and Roostercomb peak in the first few miles, dropping our heavy packs whenever possible. We continued onward, traveling approximately 5 miles on the day, chowed down on some much needed food, coffee, and experienced a gorgeous sunset that evening.