Alyssa and Luke: Timberlodge at Arrowhead Golf Course Wedding

Alyssa and Luke’s Labor Day weekend wedding was such a joyful, loving celebration. We actually met Alyssa years back, when she grew close in college with some of our closest friends from home, and we were so excited to witness the incredible love that she and her now-husband Luke share.

The two got ready in a hotel not far from their beautiful venue, The Timberlodge at Arrowhead Golf Course, and planned one of our favorite first looks ever at Akron Falls State Park. We had to get a little creative- Alyssa’s long dress needed to somehow stay clean for the ceremony while traipsing through this gorgeous, river-side park- so before heading out for the first look, her bridesmaids helped her into a massive Christmas tree bag, which earned us many comments from bystanders along the way.

Their first look was something out of a fairy tale, and and set the tone for the rest of the day, which was full of laughter and celebration. Even though they pushed back their ceremony a few minutes until every forecast said the rain was finished, the sky still broke loose just in time for their first kiss, making for awesome photos. Several talented friends contributed music throughout the day, in addition to entertainment provided by the DJ, Saxman Slim, who kept the party going all night long.

Alyssa and Luke, congratulations again on your marriage, and thank you for including us in your day! We are so lucky to have you in our lives!

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