Dani and Jerry: Fall Engagement in Ithaca, NY

During our very first wedding season, we were fortunate enough to meet Alyssa and Spenser, an ambitious, energetic, head-over-heels for each other couple living on the west coast and getting married in Ithaca. Their wedding day was everything we love- outdoors, personal, high energy, and full of happy people- the makings of greatness! It was one of those weddings where we took a full 30 minutes to actually leave because we met so many people that we wanted to personally say goodbye to.

I’m sharing all this on a post about Dani and Jerry because Dani, Alyssa’s sister, was one of those people. Having spent the day with her as a bridesmaid, we already knew that she is an incredible person, bursting with excitement, kindness, and generosity. When she reached out to us about shooting her wedding (before even choosing a venue or setting a date), we were OVER THE MOON!! She and Jerry are planning an incredible celebration that we are so excited to be a part of!

After talking through wedding details, we started planning out an engagement session. Dani and Jerry would be flying in from California for just a few days to visit family and check out venues, on a weekend where we already had quite a few things scheduled. Willing to do whatever it took, these two agreed to meet us before sunrise (on a chilly morning, no less) for their session. They even booked us a room in town so we didn’t have to travel so far that early, and surprised us with a bottle of wine and some bagels upon our arrival to make things easier since we were coming right from a wedding. Seriously, nicest people EVER!

Dani and Jerry introduced us to Flat Rock, a small section of the Fall Creek adjacent to the Cornell campus in Ithaca. The rest of this story is best told in photos…Enjoy!

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