Hollerhorn Distilling: Naples, NY Distillery

YOU GUYS! You need to make it down to Naples to visit this incredible place ASAP. We had the privilege of documenting their thank you party a few weeks back, and after attending one of their shows over the weekend, we can’t say enough good things. The food is awesome, the drinks are outstanding, and the atmosphere is perfect: inviting and relaxing, yet modern and upscale at the same time.

Our favorite thing, however, is the sense of community and love that is obvious throughout the building, which was most apparent the night these photos were captured. Hollerhorn was packed with people who played a role in the project: family, friends, neighbors, builders, chefs, artists…The list could go on forever. If you get talking to anyone when you visit for the first time, you’ll learn that every single element of the space was carefully considered and has some deeper meaning. Nothing is “just another” drink on a menu, picture on a wall, meal on a table, or mural on a wall. As you scroll through these photos, you’ll notice something being poured into a jar and painted on a wall. We can’t do that story any justice here (I, the most unemotional person in the world, was moved to tears) but we strongly suggest asking to hear all about that, too!

To all our couples out there, we would LOVE to meet with you at Hollerhorn in the future! We know it’s a bit of a drive for some of you, but it’s totally worth it. There’s no better place to sit and chat wedding details or timelines over a beverage! Love you all!

Thanks again, Karl and Melissa, for an incredible experience every time we’ve visited. You two are the best!

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