Laura and Jake: Winter Engagement

I've been writing this blog post in my head since the day Laura asked us if we'd photograph her and Jake's wedding next year, before they'd even settled on a date or a venue. I first met Laura at a new teacher training, and we quickly became friends when we realized we had such a similar sense of humor (hello, punny food jokes). When she found out that Trevor and I were dabbling in photography, Laura volunteered to spend hours of her time making said jokes to the camera and putting her years of acting and dancing experience to good use, while I attempted to document her incredible beauty (plus plenty of ridiculous outtakes that we still find hilarious). I'd go home and Trevor and I would spend hours editing, trying to figure out how to get things just right and develop our own style. SO much of our growth as photographers can be attributed to this incredible human!

Fast forward a few years, and in comes Jake, a hard working, thoughtful, loving guy who complements every part of Laura's personality. We loved getting to know him and watching their relationship grow stronger, and could not have been more excited to hear that they were ENGAGED!!!!!! We can't believe that we are lucky enough to get to document the incredible day these two are planning, and cannot wait to celebrate with them. Congratulations, Laura and Jake! We love you both and are so excited for you!

Flower Crown: Wisteria


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